Monday 19th – Friday 23rd June

A good week this week, a little hot at times but the children are all coping well, the children don’t stop once they get into Pre-school so they have done really well. Please make sure to apply suncream at all times, the UV is still very high and saves the staff time to start the day. Small reminder that snack AM and PM are to be fruit or veg only, clearly labelled and in packed lunch boxes. Thank to parents who have been including an ice pack, it really does make a difference. Please give you child water in their bottles and we can then refill them as and when throughout the day.

We have looked at the letter “I”, lots of ice playing, making ice creams with play dough and ice cream cones, this was very much enjoyed by all the children.

At the black pod the children have enjoyed chalking, den making and hair dressers. Hammers and nails as a sit down activity has been enjoyed and they really do look after their nails and listen to the rules around the activity. We have been looking at what we would like to do when we are older.

Next week we will be looking at the letter “J” and will be making some jelly!

To remind you, the sports and graduation will be on Wednesday 19th July, join us for a picnic with teddy bears and sports day.