A Day Here

9 a.m. – Children arrive at the setting, hang up their belongings and find their puzzle piece name and join the book corner, for the ‘hello song’, talk about the day &¬† the special helper is chosen. Followed by fun wake up games and then exploring the Early Learning Goals.

9.15a.m. – 10.30a.m. – Activities relevant to Early Learning Goals and free choice activities along side.
10.30a.m. РSnack cafe РThe special helper serves  their friends a selection of fruit and vegetables with milk or water to drink. (Activities continue with the other half of children, then swap).


11a.m. – Group time, stories and planned activity.
11.10a.m. – Get ready for outdoor play/p.e. at the school hall. Variety of activities, equipment and free play outside.

11.45a.m. – Group time 2 & 3 years / rising 4’s. ‘Goodbye song’ to our friends going home at lunchtime.
12 noon to 1p.m. – Lunch Club
1p.m. – Group time and registration, ‘hello song’ and discuss the afternoon session.
1.10p.m. – 2.10p.m. – Early Learning Goals to explore as well as free choice.
2.10p.m. – 2.20p.m. – Snack time
2.20p.m. – 2.50p.m. – Outdoor play.
2.50p.m. – 3.00p.m.- Group get together, ‘goodbye song’ & ‘What have you enjoyed today?’
3p.m. – Home time !